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Chocolate DIY frogs

It's the return of Monday, why oh why is it so hot? I'm seriously pining for Winter, the fireplace, jumpers oh jumpers, soups and stews, snuggling everywhere but most of all snuggling into a cold crisp bed with a hot water bottle. Oh how I'm pining!

So last night when the other half came to bed I asked him to put a hanger on my wardrobe, which to my delight he went straight downstairs got his stuff and fitted one for me. That guy is and always will be a keeper! Just need to get my bum in gear and use it!

My mum gave me a chocolate frog, it was one of a few presents she got for looking after some friends cats while they were away and well I am always (A.L.W.A.Y.S) up for going to see cats, I miss my bundle of joy every day and would kill (ok not likely but I feel very strong about this) to have another, it's just people are supposed to drive past our house at 30mph not 150mph which most do once it turns dark and I just couldn't handle the grief if my bundle got run over just outside our house. I just couldn't. So I take any opportunity to see kitties like this. Really need to get my bum in gear and go to the MSPCA and play with their cats. Hmmmmm yes I will put that on the list to do when I come back from holiday. P.S the chocolate was so so, got a cute hologram thing though so taking that into work for Susie's kids if they want it.

Today was a crap food day, we bought 48 liter bottles of red cola, photo provided by the other half hence the change in size. He loves this stuff and since you can only really get it in Scotland gotta get it while you can and I got pizza. We're not going to talk about it, though it was goooooood pizza!

Went to the doctors about getting the metalwork out of my ankle so will be going to see the specialist again, seriously scary stuff!

Yay a finish!!! Super happy with this one it's part 1 out of 9, once finished it's going to be a winter cushion (remember the pining for winter, it's everywhere). The pattern is Frosty Forest by Country Cottage Needleworks which I currently get on autoship from The Patchwork Rabbit. Hoping to do another one once this one is finished. Took me ages to do that heart lol!

Today's music in the background my favorite song of all time She Sells Sanctuary (The Boys are Back in Town second and Bittersweet Symphony third) and Blue Monday.

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Slow Sundays

Slow sundays are great.

I woke up early and just decided to read for a few hours until the other half came home. Not one electrical item was switched on. Once the other half got home we made our way to the Parents, there I made this cake, which for once took the exact cooking time it suggested. I used my strawberries from yesterday and I thought it was lovely, sadly the other half didn’t like the strawberries because well fruit! So next time hoping to make it with some homemade jam. Taking one cake into work in the hopes they will like it better. Now just need to find something to make with 250ml buttermilk.

My sister was already at the parents when we got there so we got around an hour of all the dogs snuggles (six in total, our two, my sisters two and my parents two), apart from Larry, while watching the tour. The other half was so interested he was asleep from the get go all the way to when dinner was done, it’s a curse working shifts! Oh and I cannot take decent selfies ever!

Dinner was my choice this week so I requested a lovely mushroom and walnut Vegan lasagna, it was amazing like normal and a Jamie Oliver spiced Vegan apple cake. Again amazing! Caught up with the middle sister for a wee bit, sadly her other halfs grandad is still neither here or there and she’s having to go for more blood tests, trying for kids.

After dinner it was back home and we had an afternoon of just listening to music, I love these nights and we listened to everything from Orgy and the Cult to Stone Sour and the Pretty Reckless. In this moment is the current background and I am very much in love with this band at the moment. I asked the other half if I should do knitting or cross stitch and he chose the later so I did some more work on my aunts Christmas present. I love this every time I work on it, it’s just very time consuming.

I have a few tasks I want to complete over the next week, we will see how I do!

  • Make strawberry jam
  • Make blackcurrent cordial
  • Make a start on sorting the kitchen
  • Clean lounge junk dresser
  • Put hanger on wardrobe
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Strawberry Dreams

The last couple of days I haven’t been all here mentally. On Thursday an old friend sent me a link to say that Chester Bennington committed suicide, to say I was just plain down upset is an understatement. In the End was the first ever song that I feel in love with, it was a time I was unsure with myself and a lot of shit was going down not only at home but a school. I felt like I didn’t fit in anywhere and I felt like a dark cloud followed me everywhere. Once I heard that song and the others on the album I instantly channeled everything into Linkin Park. I was obsessed, to get me through a tooth extraction my mum had to promise me their new album, to get me through school my parents had to get me a year subscription to their club. To get me to talk to relatives I got t-shirts. To get me through I lived and breathed Linkin Park. My big sister even took me to see them when I was 16 for getting good grades, my first ever concert. I’m finding it hard lately because Chester helped me get through what he couldn’t and it’s a really hard thing for me to get past, a really hard upsetting thing, I wish I could of helped somehow. 

Jesus and now the other half is playing crawling by Chester and Chris, I’m just going to cry for a wee bit.

We decided to go to the grow your own place today, the strawberry season is almost to the end and I haven’t made any jam yet. Fingers crossed it’s on the list tomorrow (just asked the other half to put it on repeat). While we were there we got blackcurrents, they will be cordial and red currents which will be jelly.

Also did our shopping which was an epic fail, you win some you lose some.

Oh dug up one of my potatoes didn’t get a massive harvest but I could of done better to be honest. I also picked three blueberries yay! I have great plans for this garden next year.

And now I’m sitting on lovely crisp bedding trying to look like I haven’t just had a wee tear fest, tomorrow is a new day.

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A Splash and a Dash

Ok weather I take it back, kinda!

Today we got rain rain and more rain. When I got up this morning it was so wet I started the day in my waterproofs (both pants and jacket!) to only turn up at work without any rain. Looked like an over prepared twat again, ah well, the rain did come back.

I started of my first socks (for me) of 2017, I remeber I used to knit socks like mad, can I find any of them, you bet I can’t! The pattern is called Mercury Socks on Ravelry and I already have the pattern memorized so I expect these to knit quick. I dream of having a whole draw of hand knitted socks, maybe this is the start, yes?!?

Got dropped of at the parents to find the other half trying to fix my sisters car (not the car share one, I have another!) it’s only running on three cyclinders. While he and dad were messing I decided to have a cup of tea, knit and watch some tv, it’s something I rarely do. Don’t get me wrong the other half watches car shows and we are both mad about the NFL, MGP and WWE but actual tv shows I only watch Street Outlaws and Star Trek. Everyone at work thinks I’m mad (again) because I have no idea who actors are, what they have done, what’s on tv at the moment and by golly what is wrong with people if you watch people watching tv?? 

Oh dear and the other half has turned on the internet. That’s is my queue for bed, I guess this one is going to be a day late!

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Dads Motorbike Socks 

A while back my dad bought these massively chunky socks to go into his motorbike boots to add that “vintage” charm, sadly the foot part of the socks were just to chunky and he asked if it was something I could fix. 

Originally by cutting two socks up!

I was like are you mad!! I’m a knitter here!!

So I made socks!

The yarn is a DK wool blend knitted tight on 3mm needles as my dad has diabetes and can hardly feel his feet so I wanted to keep them warm. Knitted from the toe up to 64 stitches, normal heel, knitted another inch then attached to the chunky socks by splitting the wool as the chunky was 4ply.

Very happy with how they turned out and dad loves them. Win Win!

Around here

River Cottage Dreaming

Where oh where are the storms today? I feel like everyone has them apart from us on this little Isle. I meet my sister for our normal Wednesday lunch and even though I see her every morning and night, we car share, it’s always lovely to just natter about other stuff. It’s mostly crafting, cooking and day dreaming to be honest. I am always always greatful that I have her in my life we are so closely matched though 7 years between us that I feel the friendship we have is more than sisterly love. I’d probably fall apart without her especially as I don’t actually have any friends.

I didn’t do my “no spending” very well did I? The jam tart was 40p and I normally get one as my  Wednesday treat, well worth it nomnom. My problem is other areas. We went into TKMaxx as well as other shops but this jar of honey caught my eye. Honey is one of those things I really quite love. After being Vegan when my ankle broke and getting back to me I have really enjoyed my tea with honey again. Mind you I don’t take as much as I used to. A quarter to half a teaspoon depending on the cup, I have quite a few massive ones, makes my tea such a treat now. I decided to leave this one at work though. Looking forward to tasting it as I’ve never had Chestnut honey before.

As a re-run of every time our bathroom still doesn’t work so popped to the parents this time. The other half is helping my dad to get a bike ready for the Morecambe V.M.C.C, I kid you not when I say it’s been a trail and a half. Defiantly not a money saving venture but worth every second. Sometimes I sadly just sit and watch them work, I know one day my dads not going to be here and I just want to enjoy and remember these times.

 Now I’m just sitting here with a cup of tea, my knitting and Hugh, oh Hugh I could watch and have watched River Cottage over and over again. Oh how I’ve dreamed and dreamed. At one time I thought we could get our own River Cottage, it was at the time I still thought I could be a stay at home mum. I look back longingly on when I was so naive. Now I have my River Cottage, a lot different to what I thought but this little space is all I have so I’m reading up on what I want to make of it. I’m not giving up on my self-sufficient dreams just yet just going to make them Micro scale instead lo.

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A little de-shedding

So yesterday was a good day, I managed to get three days out of the Indian we went to on Sunday for my Dad’s birthday. It’s not the best photo but I’ve been having it for lunch with an apple.

We went to Larry’s first de-shedding by a professional and I must say it looks like he’s feeling better in this heat, more than myself that’s sure. I know it’s not money saving as cost us £35 but I’d been grooming him everyday with no change so it was needed. Will keep an eye on him to see when next to take him.

On the way home because we were getting back late for some reason all I wanted was Pizza, it was the other half who said we didn’t have the money so we went home and made Pizza Cheese on Toast with stuff we already had in. A saving of £5-10 not to bad. I’d put it into my overpayment pot if we had the money spare lol!

Hoping to have a quick talk to the bank to, to see when I can overpay our mortgage so hoping to move along with that, and I’m becoming active on the money saving expert message boards so I’m counting that as a plus.

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Making a house a home

Well today I have started to get my house back. Slowly but surely back from the untidy gremlins. That space with Joey in I haven’t seen in ages it’s just always had something in and I’ve finally started to tackle the never ending pile of dishes. I’m trying to do little and often as I know at some point it’s going to click fingers crossed.
It was just me tonight so I had eggy fried rice with some cheese and a cups for tea. I am really liking this microwave rice even though I cook it on the hob as we don’t have a microwave and I feel that I’d really like to make some of my own as I know I can make it cheaper than the £1 I spent.

I also started on a new project on Saturday, while looking for some of my basting glue for the epp I want to take to Festival of Quilts I found my Gruffalo lunchbox full of minis so I started a hexiflat beekeepers quilt. Hoping to get one a day done, but we will see as each one takes me around an hour to do. The one with the needle in is the one I made tonight.

Oh and while I’m here, Jesus!!!! How hot is it out? I’m having to wait till 9/10pm at the moment to take the pups out as Larry just cannot handle it sadly, neither can I!!

Meal Plan

Menu plan and shopping for WK starting 16th July

Well next week is going to be my first week menu planning and actually keeping within a food budget. I don’t know how well I’m going to do but I’m more than willing to try!

So we went to both Tesco and Shoprite. The eggs shown in the second photo are from a farm stand at £1.50.

Shoprite List

Manx Mince £5.07
Cake things £1
Manx butter £1.60
Total – £7.67

Tesco List

lemonade £0.53
Manx Milk 2pint £1.20
0% Yogurt £1.05
Oreo Ice Cream £1.49
Kids Yogurt £1.50
Manx Cream £0.69
Mushrooms £0.79
Strawberries £2.00
Raspberries £2.50
Cheese Slices £1.00
Soy Sauce £0.68
Peri Peri Soup £1.17
Brown Sugar £2.63
Grated Cheese £2.50
Bananas £1.13
Dog Treats £1.25
Apples £3.14
Greeting Card £2.00
Total £27.25

Full total £34.92

Not to bad! I know it can be better but for my first week I think it’s great, I’ll also be using quite a lot from our cupboards as I’d like to sort them and get better. The other half took the £5 odd for work and I have £10 sitting next to me so next week I will take £10 less next week and put the extra into savings/overpay our mortgage.

In other news I got the kids yogurt to try a new app, of which it seems to work and it’s given me £1 back but I need to wait till I have £20 before I can take that money out typically!

Menu Plan

Breakfast – me granola, yogurt and fruit. The bearded one cereal and milk

Lunch – both sandwich with fruit

Sunday – Meal out for Dads Birthday
Monday – The other halfs last late so just me, rice with 1 egg and soy sauce
Tuesday – Larry is going for his first desheading. I expect we will get home late. Cheese on toast with soup
Wednesday – Carbonara
Thursday – Quorn and mushroom curry with rice and veg
Friday – Jacket spud with cheese and beans
Saturday – Pizza

Fingers crossed I can keep to it.

Free food

Workplace Pasty

Hello pasty!

I’m sure if you have worked in an office you will fully well know about the birthday pastie, it’s something that comes along very often and failing pasty there are normally cakes. In our office we either get M&S cakes or crappy cakes. 

Today was as you guessed it someone’s birthday and for some reason the pasty wasn’t eaten. Firstly I nabbed a big slice of both of them, then I went back at lunch and took another slice and the slice in half in the pot was because no one wanted to take it home, which seems a normal thing for our office.

I will never say no to free food.

The bearded wonder will enjoy these slices while at work for lunch/dinner or both and it saves us money so that makes me happy.

I’m certain that you will probably see quite a lot of pasty posts as we have around 30 people in our office so that’s a lot of pasty!!