Meal Plan

Menu plan and shopping for WK starting 16th July

Well next week is going to be my first week menu planning and actually keeping within a food budget. I don’t know how well I’m going to do but I’m more than willing to try!

So we went to both Tesco and Shoprite. The eggs shown in the second photo are from a farm stand at £1.50.

Shoprite List

Manx Mince £5.07
Cake things £1
Manx butter £1.60
Total – £7.67

Tesco List

lemonade £0.53
Manx Milk 2pint £1.20
0% Yogurt £1.05
Oreo Ice Cream £1.49
Kids Yogurt £1.50
Manx Cream £0.69
Mushrooms £0.79
Strawberries £2.00
Raspberries £2.50
Cheese Slices £1.00
Soy Sauce £0.68
Peri Peri Soup £1.17
Brown Sugar £2.63
Grated Cheese £2.50
Bananas £1.13
Dog Treats £1.25
Apples £3.14
Greeting Card £2.00
Total £27.25

Full total £34.92

Not to bad! I know it can be better but for my first week I think it’s great, I’ll also be using quite a lot from our cupboards as I’d like to sort them and get better. The other half took the £5 odd for work and I have £10 sitting next to me so next week I will take £10 less next week and put the extra into savings/overpay our mortgage.

In other news I got the kids yogurt to try a new app, of which it seems to work and it’s given me £1 back but I need to wait till I have £20 before I can take that money out typically!

Menu Plan

Breakfast – me granola, yogurt and fruit. The bearded one cereal and milk

Lunch – both sandwich with fruit

Sunday – Meal out for Dads Birthday
Monday – The other halfs last late so just me, rice with 1 egg and soy sauce
Tuesday – Larry is going for his first desheading. I expect we will get home late. Cheese on toast with soup
Wednesday – Carbonara
Thursday – Quorn and mushroom curry with rice and veg
Friday – Jacket spud with cheese and beans
Saturday – Pizza

Fingers crossed I can keep to it.


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