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Making a house a home

Well today I have started to get my house back. Slowly but surely back from the untidy gremlins. That space with Joey in I haven’t seen in ages it’s just always had something in and I’ve finally started to tackle the never ending pile of dishes. I’m trying to do little and often as I know at some point it’s going to click fingers crossed.
It was just me tonight so I had eggy fried rice with some cheese and a cups for tea. I am really liking this microwave rice even though I cook it on the hob as we don’t have a microwave and I feel that I’d really like to make some of my own as I know I can make it cheaper than the £1 I spent.

I also started on a new project on Saturday, while looking for some of my basting glue for the epp I want to take to Festival of Quilts I found my Gruffalo lunchbox full of minis so I started a hexiflat beekeepers quilt. Hoping to get one a day done, but we will see as each one takes me around an hour to do. The one with the needle in is the one I made tonight.

Oh and while I’m here, Jesus!!!! How hot is it out? I’m having to wait till 9/10pm at the moment to take the pups out as Larry just cannot handle it sadly, neither can I!!


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