Around here

River Cottage Dreaming

Where oh where are the storms today? I feel like everyone has them apart from us on this little Isle. I meet my sister for our normal Wednesday lunch and even though I see her every morning and night, we car share, it’s always lovely to just natter about other stuff. It’s mostly crafting, cooking and day dreaming to be honest. I am always always greatful that I have her in my life we are so closely matched though 7 years between us that I feel the friendship we have is more than sisterly love. I’d probably fall apart without her especially as I don’t actually have any friends.

I didn’t do my “no spending” very well did I? The jam tart was 40p and I normally get one as my  Wednesday treat, well worth it nomnom. My problem is other areas. We went into TKMaxx as well as other shops but this jar of honey caught my eye. Honey is one of those things I really quite love. After being Vegan when my ankle broke and getting back to me I have really enjoyed my tea with honey again. Mind you I don’t take as much as I used to. A quarter to half a teaspoon depending on the cup, I have quite a few massive ones, makes my tea such a treat now. I decided to leave this one at work though. Looking forward to tasting it as I’ve never had Chestnut honey before.

As a re-run of every time our bathroom still doesn’t work so popped to the parents this time. The other half is helping my dad to get a bike ready for the Morecambe V.M.C.C, I kid you not when I say it’s been a trail and a half. Defiantly not a money saving venture but worth every second. Sometimes I sadly just sit and watch them work, I know one day my dads not going to be here and I just want to enjoy and remember these times.

 Now I’m just sitting here with a cup of tea, my knitting and Hugh, oh Hugh I could watch and have watched River Cottage over and over again. Oh how I’ve dreamed and dreamed. At one time I thought we could get our own River Cottage, it was at the time I still thought I could be a stay at home mum. I look back longingly on when I was so naive. Now I have my River Cottage, a lot different to what I thought but this little space is all I have so I’m reading up on what I want to make of it. I’m not giving up on my self-sufficient dreams just yet just going to make them Micro scale instead lo.


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