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A Splash and a Dash

Ok weather I take it back, kinda!

Today we got rain rain and more rain. When I got up this morning it was so wet I started the day in my waterproofs (both pants and jacket!) to only turn up at work without any rain. Looked like an over prepared twat again, ah well, the rain did come back.

I started of my first socks (for me) of 2017, I remeber I used to knit socks like mad, can I find any of them, you bet I can’t! The pattern is called Mercury Socks on Ravelry and I already have the pattern memorized so I expect these to knit quick. I dream of having a whole draw of hand knitted socks, maybe this is the start, yes?!?

Got dropped of at the parents to find the other half trying to fix my sisters car (not the car share one, I have another!) it’s only running on three cyclinders. While he and dad were messing I decided to have a cup of tea, knit and watch some tv, it’s something I rarely do. Don’t get me wrong the other half watches car shows and we are both mad about the NFL, MGP and WWE but actual tv shows I only watch Street Outlaws and Star Trek. Everyone at work thinks I’m mad (again) because I have no idea who actors are, what they have done, what’s on tv at the moment and by golly what is wrong with people if you watch people watching tv?? 

Oh dear and the other half has turned on the internet. That’s is my queue for bed, I guess this one is going to be a day late!


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