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Slow Sundays

Slow sundays are great.

I woke up early and just decided to read for a few hours until the other half came home. Not one electrical item was switched on. Once the other half got home we made our way to the Parents, there I made this cake, which for once took the exact cooking time it suggested. I used my strawberries from yesterday and I thought it was lovely, sadly the other half didn’t like the strawberries because well fruit! So next time hoping to make it with some homemade jam. Taking one cake into work in the hopes they will like it better. Now just need to find something to make with 250ml buttermilk.

My sister was already at the parents when we got there so we got around an hour of all the dogs snuggles (six in total, our two, my sisters two and my parents two), apart from Larry, while watching the tour. The other half was so interested he was asleep from the get go all the way to when dinner was done, it’s a curse working shifts! Oh and I cannot take decent selfies ever!

Dinner was my choice this week so I requested a lovely mushroom and walnut Vegan lasagna, it was amazing like normal and a Jamie Oliver spiced Vegan apple cake. Again amazing! Caught up with the middle sister for a wee bit, sadly her other halfs grandad is still neither here or there and she’s having to go for more blood tests, trying for kids.

After dinner it was back home and we had an afternoon of just listening to music, I love these nights and we listened to everything from Orgy and the Cult to Stone Sour and the Pretty Reckless. In this moment is the current background and I am very much in love with this band at the moment. I asked the other half if I should do knitting or cross stitch and he chose the later so I did some more work on my aunts Christmas present. I love this every time I work on it, it’s just very time consuming.

I have a few tasks I want to complete over the next week, we will see how I do!

  • Make strawberry jam
  • Make blackcurrent cordial
  • Make a start on sorting the kitchen
  • Clean lounge junk dresser
  • Put hanger on wardrobe