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Chocolate DIY frogs

It's the return of Monday, why oh why is it so hot? I'm seriously pining for Winter, the fireplace, jumpers oh jumpers, soups and stews, snuggling everywhere but most of all snuggling into a cold crisp bed with a hot water bottle. Oh how I'm pining!

So last night when the other half came to bed I asked him to put a hanger on my wardrobe, which to my delight he went straight downstairs got his stuff and fitted one for me. That guy is and always will be a keeper! Just need to get my bum in gear and use it!

My mum gave me a chocolate frog, it was one of a few presents she got for looking after some friends cats while they were away and well I am always (A.L.W.A.Y.S) up for going to see cats, I miss my bundle of joy every day and would kill (ok not likely but I feel very strong about this) to have another, it's just people are supposed to drive past our house at 30mph not 150mph which most do once it turns dark and I just couldn't handle the grief if my bundle got run over just outside our house. I just couldn't. So I take any opportunity to see kitties like this. Really need to get my bum in gear and go to the MSPCA and play with their cats. Hmmmmm yes I will put that on the list to do when I come back from holiday. P.S the chocolate was so so, got a cute hologram thing though so taking that into work for Susie's kids if they want it.

Today was a crap food day, we bought 48 liter bottles of red cola, photo provided by the other half hence the change in size. He loves this stuff and since you can only really get it in Scotland gotta get it while you can and I got pizza. We're not going to talk about it, though it was goooooood pizza!

Went to the doctors about getting the metalwork out of my ankle so will be going to see the specialist again, seriously scary stuff!

Yay a finish!!! Super happy with this one it's part 1 out of 9, once finished it's going to be a winter cushion (remember the pining for winter, it's everywhere). The pattern is Frosty Forest by Country Cottage Needleworks which I currently get on autoship from The Patchwork Rabbit. Hoping to do another one once this one is finished. Took me ages to do that heart lol!

Today's music in the background my favorite song of all time She Sells Sanctuary (The Boys are Back in Town second and Bittersweet Symphony third) and Blue Monday.