Free food

Workplace Pasty

Hello pasty!

I’m sure if you have worked in an office you will fully well know about the birthday pastie, it’s something that comes along very often and failing pasty there are normally cakes. In our office we either get M&S cakes or crappy cakes. 

Today was as you guessed it someone’s birthday and for some reason the pasty wasn’t eaten. Firstly I nabbed a big slice of both of them, then I went back at lunch and took another slice and the slice in half in the pot was because no one wanted to take it home, which seems a normal thing for our office.

I will never say no to free food.

The bearded wonder will enjoy these slices while at work for lunch/dinner or both and it saves us money so that makes me happy.

I’m certain that you will probably see quite a lot of pasty posts as we have around 30 people in our office so that’s a lot of pasty!!