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Strawberry Dreams

The last couple of days I haven’t been all here mentally. On Thursday an old friend sent me a link to say that Chester Bennington committed suicide, to say I was just plain down upset is an understatement. In the End was the first ever song that I feel in love with, it was a time I was unsure with myself and a lot of shit was going down not only at home but a school. I felt like I didn’t fit in anywhere and I felt like a dark cloud followed me everywhere. Once I heard that song and the others on the album I instantly channeled everything into Linkin Park. I was obsessed, to get me through a tooth extraction my mum had to promise me their new album, to get me through school my parents had to get me a year subscription to their club. To get me to talk to relatives I got t-shirts. To get me through I lived and breathed Linkin Park. My big sister even took me to see them when I was 16 for getting good grades, my first ever concert. I’m finding it hard lately because Chester helped me get through what he couldn’t and it’s a really hard thing for me to get past, a really hard upsetting thing, I wish I could of helped somehow. 

Jesus and now the other half is playing crawling by Chester and Chris, I’m just going to cry for a wee bit.

We decided to go to the grow your own place today, the strawberry season is almost to the end and I haven’t made any jam yet. Fingers crossed it’s on the list tomorrow (just asked the other half to put it on repeat). While we were there we got blackcurrents, they will be cordial and red currents which will be jelly.

Also did our shopping which was an epic fail, you win some you lose some.

Oh dug up one of my potatoes didn’t get a massive harvest but I could of done better to be honest. I also picked three blueberries yay! I have great plans for this garden next year.

And now I’m sitting on lovely crisp bedding trying to look like I haven’t just had a wee tear fest, tomorrow is a new day.