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A Splash and a Dash

Ok weather I take it back, kinda!

Today we got rain rain and more rain. When I got up this morning it was so wet I started the day in my waterproofs (both pants and jacket!) to only turn up at work without any rain. Looked like an over prepared twat again, ah well, the rain did come back.

I started of my first socks (for me) of 2017, I remeber I used to knit socks like mad, can I find any of them, you bet I can’t! The pattern is called Mercury Socks on Ravelry and I already have the pattern memorized so I expect these to knit quick. I dream of having a whole draw of hand knitted socks, maybe this is the start, yes?!?

Got dropped of at the parents to find the other half trying to fix my sisters car (not the car share one, I have another!) it’s only running on three cyclinders. While he and dad were messing I decided to have a cup of tea, knit and watch some tv, it’s something I rarely do. Don’t get me wrong the other half watches car shows and we are both mad about the NFL, MGP and WWE but actual tv shows I only watch Street Outlaws and Star Trek. Everyone at work thinks I’m mad (again) because I have no idea who actors are, what they have done, what’s on tv at the moment and by golly what is wrong with people if you watch people watching tv?? 

Oh dear and the other half has turned on the internet. That’s is my queue for bed, I guess this one is going to be a day late!

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Dads Motorbike Socks 

A while back my dad bought these massively chunky socks to go into his motorbike boots to add that “vintage” charm, sadly the foot part of the socks were just to chunky and he asked if it was something I could fix. 

Originally by cutting two socks up!

I was like are you mad!! I’m a knitter here!!

So I made socks!

The yarn is a DK wool blend knitted tight on 3mm needles as my dad has diabetes and can hardly feel his feet so I wanted to keep them warm. Knitted from the toe up to 64 stitches, normal heel, knitted another inch then attached to the chunky socks by splitting the wool as the chunky was 4ply.

Very happy with how they turned out and dad loves them. Win Win!

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Making a house a home

Well today I have started to get my house back. Slowly but surely back from the untidy gremlins. That space with Joey in I haven’t seen in ages it’s just always had something in and I’ve finally started to tackle the never ending pile of dishes. I’m trying to do little and often as I know at some point it’s going to click fingers crossed.
It was just me tonight so I had eggy fried rice with some cheese and a cups for tea. I am really liking this microwave rice even though I cook it on the hob as we don’t have a microwave and I feel that I’d really like to make some of my own as I know I can make it cheaper than the £1 I spent.

I also started on a new project on Saturday, while looking for some of my basting glue for the epp I want to take to Festival of Quilts I found my Gruffalo lunchbox full of minis so I started a hexiflat beekeepers quilt. Hoping to get one a day done, but we will see as each one takes me around an hour to do. The one with the needle in is the one I made tonight.

Oh and while I’m here, Jesus!!!! How hot is it out? I’m having to wait till 9/10pm at the moment to take the pups out as Larry just cannot handle it sadly, neither can I!!