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A little de-shedding

So yesterday was a good day, I managed to get three days out of the Indian we went to on Sunday for my Dad’s birthday. It’s not the best photo but I’ve been having it for lunch with an apple.

We went to Larry’s first de-shedding by a professional and I must say it looks like he’s feeling better in this heat, more than myself that’s sure. I know it’s not money saving as cost us £35 but I’d been grooming him everyday with no change so it was needed. Will keep an eye on him to see when next to take him.

On the way home because we were getting back late for some reason all I wanted was Pizza, it was the other half who said we didn’t have the money so we went home and made Pizza Cheese on Toast with stuff we already had in. A saving of £5-10 not to bad. I’d put it into my overpayment pot if we had the money spare lol!

Hoping to have a quick talk to the bank to, to see when I can overpay our mortgage so hoping to move along with that, and I’m becoming active on the money saving expert message boards so I’m counting that as a plus.